Review the attached transcript of the culture formation interview (CFI), which y

Review the attached transcript of the culture formation interview (CFI), which you, as the social worker, and your partner, as the client, conducted together. Then, utilizing the attached Diaz article and any additional resources about culture, submit a four-page paper in which you complete the following:
• Describe the skills or methods you utilized to keep your partner engaged throughout the CFI.
• Explain how this segment of the transcript, from 01:29 to 06:50, best demonstrates your ability to apply culturally sensitive assessment skills.
• Describe which aspects of the CFI were most helpful in learning about your partner’s personal perspective of the problem (Anxiety) and situation from a cultural point of view.
• Identify and assess the cultural components (e.g., race/ethnicity, religion, geographic region, socioeconomic status, etc.) that may influence your partner’s mental health experience.
• Which CFI relevant sub-sections were most helpful to you? Explain why you used (or didn’t utilize) a subsection in your evaluation.
• Consider how you, as a social work treatment provider, may modify interventions to account for the client’s (your partner’s) individual circumstances and cultural background. Be detailed and exhibit critical thinking by utilizing concepts found in resources.
• Recommend an evidence-based assessment instrument for validating the diagnosis and evaluating treatment outcomes. Explain any cultural considerations you made in selecting an instrument, especially if the instrument has been validated with diverse populations.
Include a heading for each section based on the 7 assignment guidelines. Support your paper with scholarly references and resources. Refer to the attached assignment guidelines and supportive references.

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