Instructions Strategic Plan: Part 2 In this second part of the final strategic p

Strategic Plan: Part 2
In this second part of the final strategic plan development assignment, you will follow up on the introductory activities that you completed during the first portion in order to further develop your strategic plan. Please be sure to make adjustments as necessary based on some of your own desired adjustments and the professor’s comments as you work through the second part.
During this portion of the process, your submission, which should be at least three pages in length not including any figures/graphics and the updated first portion, should include the following components:
the results of a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis or similar      analysis assessing current internal and external areas of concern, strengths, and opportunities as the strategic plan progresses This cannot be the same SWOT analysis that you used for the      Unit IV assignment 
identification of organizational stakeholders, internal and external, and how their needs and participation will likely influence and contribute to the plan’s development.
Be sure that you are remaining consistent with your organization. Also, please include Part 1 with updates based on feedback from your professor and Part 2 of your plan in one document. Please include only one title page and one reference page with this assignment.

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