In this assignment, you have been brought in to assess whether Nucor should be t

In this assignment, you have been brought in to assess whether Nucor should be the first adopter of a new technology. This requires a $340 million investment in a commercially unproven technology. If successful, Nucor can expand into the flat sheet segment that was previously a segment where only the large integrated steelmakers competed. This assignment requires that you combine qualitative information (e.g., industry and firm insights) with quantitative analysis in Excel (discounted cash flow analysis). After you read the case, answer both questions: background analysis and cash flow analysis. For cash flow analysis, you need to do calculations using Excel file attached in the assignment on Blackboard. Once you finished your calculations using Excel file, you can answer your second part of the assignment.
Background Analysis
Industry: Of the three groups of steelmakers, what are some of the differences between integrated steelmakers and minimill steelmakers?
Nucor: What are some of the core competencies of Nucor? One way to think about this is to consider what its most distinguishing value chain (i.e., primary and support) activities are that have been difficult for others to imitate.
Cash Flow Analysis
By Nucor’s own investment criterion (i.e., 25% return on assets at five years), what will CEO Ken Iverson think about this investment?
As a consultant using more traditional investment criteria (such as NPV or IRR), what do you think about this investment from this part of the analysis?

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