Assignment two Assessment task: Group presentation, 3-4 students per group Weigh

Assignment two
Assessment task: Group presentation, 3-4 students per group
Weighting: 50%
Word count or equivalent: 15-20 minutes (plus 5 minutes for Q&A)
Date/ time/method of submission:
1. Submission of presentation slides by
2. Presentations will take place in Week 14. Schedule TBA.
Learning Outcomes: The assessment addresses LOs in lectures 7-11
Instructions to students
Introduce the company/organisation (how it fits into a larger structure) and provide an overview of the company.
Using examples as evidence and theory to support, evaluate and recommend;
1. Identify, analyse and discuss the demand for travel and transportation in relation to the company/organisation chosen
2. Identify what supply issues the company/organisation has in delivering the appropriate service and how they overcome these challenges
3. How is the environmental impact managed and what could the company/organisation do better to reduce its carbon emissions and overall impact
4. Conclude with a discussion on the global challenges the company/organisation faces and how it can overcome these now and in the future
Marking criteria
Introduce the company/organisation 10%
Use relevant industry examples to support your answer 15%
Research, discussion and use of literature 20%
Analysis, recommendations and evaluation 25%
Organisation and Conclusion 20%
Presentation and Referencing 10%
Total 100%
Forming your group
• You must organise your group by Week 10 and inform your module tutor of the details of your group members (names and student IDs)
• Any students who are not in a group by that time will be allocated to a group, or may need deliver the presentation by themselves.
• You are expected to work together in a professional manner, meet regularly + rehearse presentations.

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