Assessment task: Individual Business Report • Weighting: 60% • Durnitin • Word c

Assessment task: Individual Business Report • Weighting: 60%
• Durnitin
• Word count or equivalent: 2000 words (+/-10%)
• The following learning outcomes are assessed in this assignment: LO3, LO4 & LO5
You have been contacted by the company that you made the video presentation for who have now been operational for 1 year now. In order to grow their business, they are looking to bring on more staff (drawing from A1), along with ensuring the staff turnover is low by investing in their current employees. They have requested that you prepare a 2000-word report to support their training, learning development, performance management and legal requirements.
The organisation has asked that you include the following areas:
1) TrainingandLearning–Indicatethekeytrainingandlearningtechniquesrelevanttoyourarea of study
2) LearningStyles–Outlinethemainlearningstylesandsuitablestrategiesforthekeystyles
3) PerformanceManagement–DefinePerformanceManagementanddiscusstheapproaches and practices bringing in examples from industry to support
4) Legislation–Considerthekeyemploymentregulationsthattheorganisationshouldbeaware of, along with any industry specific legislation.

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