1200 words each (not including reference list) Each guideline reflection based o

1200 words each (not including reference list)
Each guideline reflection based on a different topic discussed in CAA202.
The task is to review guidelines with an enquiring and analytical mindset. For each reflection, identify a guideline (or even the absence of a guideline) that you believe is not currently supported by a sound evidence base, and design or redesign a new guideline that ensures authorised practice is supported by the most current evidence-based practice. You can present a ‘new’ guideline (or relevant part of the guideline) as a flow chart, checklist or ‘CPG’ appendix but the discussion explaining why you believe the change to, or addition of, the current guideline is required and what elements of clinical practice, patient care and patient outcomes it will improve, must be presented in a formal academic essay.
Each reflection must focus on an element from the content in the pre-requisite unit (CAA202), which may include trauma, neurological, endocrine, or renal
conditions, or burns. Choose a different element for each reflection.
Do not use a case to underpin this assignment. The aim is to critically reflect on the clinical guidelines via which you are authorised to deliver care to patients.
Think about what we do and how we do it and consider how this compares to what the evidence base has determined is ‘best practice’.
Consider the evidence base itself. Does it exist? Is it specific to Paramedic practice? Is it valid and current?

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