1. Do a quick self-reflection and identify an instance, at work or at your previ

1. Do a quick self-reflection and identify an instance, at work or at your previous learning institution, where you developed a lack of trust for the leader. Was this because of a:
a) lack of authenticity,
b) lack of rigor in their logic, or
c) lack of empathy
2. The presenter suggests that project leaders can improve the logic of their discussion by:
a) Start discussions with kind words and affirmations
b) Get to the main point of the discussion first
c) Ask team members for their input and collaboration
3. Based on the presenter’s experience at Uber( https://www.ted.com/talks/frances_frei_how_to_build_and_rebuild_trust?language=en#t-7417  ), identify two ways she suggests leaders can be authentic?
4. Assume you are the project manager for an election campaign of a mayoral candidate in a medium size city. How would you go about identifying the major roles you would need to fulfil in order to form an effective project team? Reflect on your individual leadership and communication style, what strategies would you use to ensure you are building a foundation of trust and respect among your project team and external stakeholders? 

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