You have one deliverable: • Interview an entrepreneur; • Collect information abo

You have one deliverable:
• Interview an entrepreneur;
• Collect information about the entrepreneur and the business;
• Make a complete analysis of the case;
• Write a condensed REPORT – max. 10 pages.
The report should cover the following aspects:
1. Sufficient background to introduce the business and the entrepreneur;
2. Analyze the entrepreneur: type, entrepreneurial characteristics and competence to make success;
3. Analyze the entrepreneurial behavior of the chosen entrepreneur. What behavior logic s/he follows? Ideally provide example(s) to discuss the fit between behavioral logic and the task;
4. Analyze the entrepreneurial opportunity of the business and conclude on the attractiveness of the business;
5. How did the entrepreneur mobilize resources?
6. Summary with your recommendation to increase the chance of success for the entrepreneur and the business
1. Support your analysis and argument with data – simply answer yes/no, and good/bad is not sufficient;
2. Your grade will be based on the quality of the analysis, mainly comprehensiveness, depth and convincing argument;
3. Your grade will also be determined by how well and how rich you apply course materials in the analysis.

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