Week 4 Discussion 2 Logic and Current Events Logic and critical thinking are hi

Week 4 Discussion 2
Logic and Current Events
Logic and critical thinking are highly relevant to the events we see in the world around us. This discussion gives you a chance to share an example. Start by selecting an event that is going on in the world right now. It could be something in the news, something you have learned about from science, technology, an academic field, or even something important and relevant that is going on in your life. It should be an issue that allows for different perspectives (there are many ways to define “perspectives” … they could be about whether the thing is true, good, real, important, being done in the right way, etc.).
In your initial post, please do the following:
(1) Share a source (or sources) that addresses or explains the issue/topic/event (Please note: You do NOT have to use scholarly sources).
(2) Share an argument on each side of the issue or explain the two different perspectives.
(3) Evaluate the reasoning surrounding this topic. Address questions such as the following:
o Are the competing positions clear?
o Do the two positions/perspectives actually contradict each other?
o Are the premises of the arguments strongly supported by evidence?
o Do the arguments use good reasoning?
o Are any fallacies or biases committed by either side?
o Why do people hold the different positions/perspectives?
o How might either (or both) sides express their perspectives more effectively?
(4) Evaluate the rhetoric that surrounds this topic: Address questions such as the following: Are people being civil and fair minded in how they address the issue? How might one strive for greater fairness, objectivity, and civility in how we address this kind of topic? If we did so, would society be more likely to make progress on issues such as this?

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