Topic: A review of the U.S. economy and its impact on transportation and logisti

Topic: A review of the U.S. economy and its impact on transportation and logistics management.
The project must include a title page, table of contents, abstract, and reference page. The project will demonstrate the knowledge acquired through coursework completed to date. The project is an application of this knowledge and requires the student to analyze and interpret the topic of interest. The use of graphics and charts is highly encouraged.
This report must be original work. This report cannot include papers submitted in previous courses.
APA cover page
Abstract (1/2- 1 page)
2. Introduction to the topic, problem or thesis statement
3. Literature Review Background Research on the topic
4. Discussion of your ideas on the topic and problem
5. Discussion of new solution(s) to the problem
6. Conclusion
The final paper must have the following key sections, clearly identified, though they can be titled creatively to reflect your question and interests:
I. An introduction that states the problem and why your topic is important.
The research question clearly and concisely stated as a question. What do you hope to answer with this research? This section should also include a definition of terms.
II. Literature Review – background research on this topic
III. The results/ discussions, describes what you have learned that helps answer the research question. What are you ideas about this topic?
IV. The discussion of potential new solutions.
V. The conclusion, which summarizes the key points of the paper and suggests further research needed on this topic.
VI. A list of references in APA format.

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