The instructions are in the document titled “literature review alternate assignm

The instructions are in the document titled “literature review alternate assignment” and a guide on how it should be structured. I would like to focus on the topic of immigration, specifically Latino immigration, which is strongly touched throughout the book. I have attached the three scholarly sources I found most adequate for this paper. However, if you feel like you have to substitute one of these sources, please contact me before doing so as I need to verify that they can be found in my school’s library.
The first bullet point says to explain why I am interested in the topic, however, that is not necessary so please leave that component out. Please do adhere to all the other guidelines.
For the complementary scholarly sources, I suggest the following books:
1. When I Was Puerto Rican, by Esmeralda Santiago
2. How the Garcias lost their accent, by Julia Alvarez
3. Unaccompanied, by Javier Zamora
If in addition to these books, you would like to reference an actual article that talks about the topic of Latino immigration to the United States, or other voices on the topic, that would also be acceptable.
For the complementary sources, you do not need to reference the whole book, perhaps a chapter or so that is most adequate to the research topic (this is specified in the instruction document). However, for “The tattooed soldier” there does need to be knowledge and understanding of the entire book throughout the paper.

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