Select an appropriate peer-reviewed article on a topic from this week’s readings

Select an appropriate peer-reviewed article on a topic from this week’s readings. Begin this assignment by reading the news article carefully. Take care to note the following in your close reading of the article
Does the article appear to be making a clear point, expecting the reader to draw a particular conclusion? If so, what is that thesis or main conclusion?
Does the author appear to have a particular point of view or approach to the topic? Does this seem to be persuasion or does the author seem to be making a relatively objective effort to answer reasonable questions readers may have about the topic?
What are the key issues or topics that make up the article? What conclusions does the author draw concerning each?
What sorts of evidence and reasoning does the author use to support each of his/her main conclusions? Note specifically, all facts the author cites in the article. Can you determine if they are accurate?
What kind of general impression(s) would you expect the typical reader to take away from the article after reading it?
The article review should be submitted in APA format with an APA cover page, APA header with page number and an APA formatted references sheet. The article review should be at least 1000 words not counting cover and references. Please include 3-5 academic sources. Although you are reviewing one article, you will need support (sources) for your claims of accuracy of the facts (what are other authors saying about the same topic).
PLEASE see the attached paper to see what this weeks topics were to help you understand what type of article you should be looking for to review. Thank you!

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