Question: Critically evaluate the draft Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework.

Question: Critically evaluate the draft Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework.
Guidance to students: This question invites you to think about biodiversity. You are invited to discuss any ideas that you wish: we are interested in your own ideas. You may use any structure that you wish (e.g. essay, numbered points, bullet points). If you wish, you may focus on some sections of that document or the whole document, or you may use the document as the starting point for a broader discussion of biodiversity. You may, if you wish, include some or all of the following points, but these are suggestions only. You may include anything that you wish.
• Problem: what is the current problem?
• Solution: what solution(s) are suggested?
• Background: what legal actions have already been taken at international level?
• Science: what is the role of science?
• Legal principles: discuss principles of international environmental law that are included.
• Relationship between biodiversity and other issues e.g. climate change?
• National impact: what impact is this document likely to have in Saudi Arabia?
• Is the document difficult to understand? Why? How could it be simplified?
• Do you think that this Framework will be successful? Why or why not? Are there barriers to success in the document (e.g. overly complex document?) and/or externally (e.g. loss of habitat?)
Word limit: 600-800 words.

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