Please write a letter indicating why you would want your son to attend O’Dea Hig

Please write a letter indicating why you would want your son to attend O’Dea High School. Please provide us with any additional information about your son or family that would be helpful to us in making admission decisions.
FYI – O’Dea High School is an all-boys High School
Below is a list of additional info to include/explain
– I attended a Catholic High School and think the friendships made and education is very important.
– I have always liked the vibe /closeness from the school’s staff/parents/students. I want to be involved and know what my son is doing. We have been to different sporting events to watch O’Dea, and you could feel the closeness. I am very involved in my son’s life. I am the class mom, as well as the team mom.
– My son’s father was never a part of his life. He picked drugs over the family. Ultimately the drugs got the better of him. He passed when my son was in the 4th grade. Because of that, my son has suffered from not having a male he can come to if he has any questions or advice.
-My son attended a basketball camp at O’Dea a year after his dad had passed. He told me that he had created a special bond with some of the male coaches/staff. Words can not express how grateful I felt after he said that.
– Takes a village to raise a family, and I feel that is what O’Dea is all about
– I would love to allow my son to have positive male figures in his life. In today’s world, kids need to have positive people in their lives. People who are like-minded and genuinely care and want them to succeed in life. from both sides ( female & male )
– Every O’Dea alumni I have encountered have expressed the bond and brotherhood. I like that since we are huge on family.

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