Multiple Choice TEST DEVELOPMENT PROJECT : Book needed: “Born to Talk: An Introd

Book needed: “Born to Talk: An Introduction to Speech and Language Development” – Hulit, Fahey & Howard
Develop a Test including 30 Multiple Choice Questions and their Answers derived from the Textbook Reading (i.e. Born to Talk). Three questions will be developed from each of the Ten Chapters in order from 1 to 10. If your edition does not have a Chapter Ten (and the 6th Edition doesn’t), then use the Appendix as Chapter Ten. In addition to indicating the answer to each question, you must also include the page number in the Text that you used to develop the question. Each question should have a grammatically correct statement or question followed by five (5) optional choices (A through E), of which one will be indicated in some manner as the correct answer.
ONE annotated citation, which is simply the Class Text, will be included at the end of the 30 questions. The annotation part should reflect one thing you learned from the Text that you thought was worthwhile or at least interesting. For this assignment, however, only the references need to be in APA format—not the entire paper..

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