MODULE 1 ASSIGNMENT – Personal Ethics In a 2-page essay (not including the title

MODULE 1 ASSIGNMENT – Personal Ethics
In a 2-page essay (not including the title or references pages), write your personal statement on your ethics and values. Include your rationale, and describe influences and experiences that demonstrate your ethics. In your essay, incorporate a minimum of two of this module’s readings.
I am a school district superintendent. My professional ethics are:
Transparency – every opportunity I have I know it is best to be as open as possible as an educational leader – with budget, parents about changes going on in their child’s education – I think being a leader and being honest during covid and school closures has been huge. Reflects many of the words I use to describe my ethics.
Responsibility – I believe that responsibility should always be taken by the person in charge and in my case that is me as the district superintendent. When someone on my team makes a mistake, I always take the ultimate responsibility.
I HAVE INCLUDED THIS DOCUMENT – but the link is As a suggestion, but not as requirement, you might want to start by going through the Center for Ethical Leadership
Also included…
MODULE 1 PRESENTATIONS you can look up:
Part 1: Apple CEO Tim Cook on Ethical Leadership – YouTube
Part 2: Lectures on Ethics and Leadership by Clayton Christensen – YouTube
Links to readings you can use as a reference:

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