Learning theory translates to knowledge of instructional methods that moves educ

Learning theory translates to knowledge of instructional methods that moves educators towards creating optimal learning environments. Understanding how people learn improves instruction and guides how best to establish instructional environments.
In this assignment, you will compare and contrast Community of Inquiry (CoI) and Community of Practice (CoP) learning theories and one other learning theory which applies to building online communities. Specifically, you will design a diagram which illustrates your process of comparing and contrasting CoI, CoP, and one other theory of online learning (3 theories total) and associated applications.
Step 1. Consider – Consider CoI and CoP learning theories and their application for collaboration and community building. What other learning theories apply when considering collaboration and/or building community for learning?
Step 2. Compare – Compare the three learning theories. How are they the same? Different? How are they similar in processes for collaboration? For building community? Do any of the them specifically discuss online learning? Provide this information in chart or table form.
Step 3. Diagram – Diagram a flow chart that demonstrates how CoI or CoP can be applied to increase learning for the online student. USING CANVA or CREATELY
Step 4. Embed – Embed the chart and diagram as an APA-formatted figure within a paper which clearly addresses Steps 1-3, and include APA-formatted, peer-reviewed article citations and a references page.

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