Explain what Aihwa meant by cultural citizenship and link it t power and knowled

Explain what Aihwa meant by cultural citizenship and link it t power and knowledge concept by foucault
Aihwa “cultural citizenship” refer to the cultural practices and beliefs produced out of negotiating the often ambivalent and contested relations with the state and its hegemonic forms that establish the criteria of belonging within a national population and territory. Cultural citizenship is a dual process of self-making and being made within webs of power linked to the nation state and civil society. becoming a citizen depends on how one is constituted as a subject who exercises or submits to power relations; one must develop what Foucault [cited by Rainbow 1984:49] calls “the modern attitude,” an attitude of self-making in shifting fields of power that include the nation-state and the wider world.
Ong, A., Dominguez, V. R., Friedman, J., Schiller, N. G., Stolcke, V., David Y. H. Wu, & Ying, H. (1996). Cultural Citizenship as Subject-Making: Immigrants Negotiate Racial and Cultural Boundaries in the United States [and Comments and Reply]. Current Anthropology, 37(5), 737–762. http://www.jstor.org/stable/2744412

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