• Element 1: Strategic Analysis Report 75% of the mark- LO2, LO3 & LO4. • Elemen

• Element 1: Strategic Analysis Report 75% of the mark- LO2, LO3 & LO4.
• Element 2: Developing Digital Content 25% of the mark- LO1.
You are a digital marketing consultant who has been asked to develop a digital strategy report for a new client (this will be a brand that you select). They will be launching a new product (or brand extension) and require practical suggestions as to how they can plan and launch this new product / extension in the UK over a 6 months period (the 6 months is for the digital marketing campaign and not the development of the product). They have asked you, as a digital marketing consultant, to analyse the market sector (do a situation analysis), set clear digital marketing objectives (do a TOWs analysis and set SMART objectives), select a target audience and campaign position (develop a strategy), design the content ideas for the campaign (the tactical approach), product a project plan and budget for the campaign (action planning) and present the appropriate KPIs needed to manage the project (control). Note this assignment uses the SOSTAC Framework.
This digital strategy report will be produced for Senior Management and therefore the use of business language and a relevant structure is vital. At the same time, this is an academic assignment, so you need to show that you also master the theory and reference it properly.
– Element 1: Strategic Analysis Report (75%)
Word count: Between 3600 and 4,000 words (No appendices to be included in this piece of work).
Design a strategic analysis report for your chosen organisation following the SOSTAC model: (PAGE 3 & 4)
– Element 2: Developing Digital Content (25%)
Word count: Between 900 and 1,000 words (not in wordcount: figures and references). No
appendices to be included in this piece of work. In your role as Digital Marketing Consultant, you have been asked to develop an example of a piece of digital marketing content which is linked to your chosen objective.( page 4 & 5)
please follow the word count for each element!!!!!
note: in the submission box in the university website there are 2 parts to upload.
if you have any questions please let me know asap. AND LET ME KNOW IF I NEED TO ADD ANY CHARTS OR SOMETHING.

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