Dear Writer, if you are interested in this order please leave a message. I will

Dear Writer, if you are interested in this order please leave a message. I will pay for the order.
This is a time-limited assignment in the subject of Organisational Behaviour in Management. It is a time limited assignment for UK schools. It is due to start at 10am (UK time) on 6 January. There will not be much variation in timings. I will let you know in advance if there are any changes. This is a time-limited assignment, so please ensure you are available on the day.
The format of the assignment is to answer two of the six questions. The answers to each question will be around 1000 words. Answers must be quoted in full. Most of the material to be cited will be from articles from the list of titles I have given. These articles are all material covered in class. You will also need to add a reference list at the end(No word count). If you are not sure about the form of the essay, please refer to the sample essay! Also the answers will be checked for repetition through Turnitin and the check rate needs to be less than 20%.
Previous questions and answers are given in the Appendix and can be used as a example. Place the order now as you need to prepare in advance.
Note that if you do not have time to prepare in advance, or do not know the subject, please do not take the order. This is because it is a time-limited assignment to be handed in. If I get a draft for the first time that doesn’t meet the requirements at all, I will simply ask for a refund. Because there is not a lot of extra time to give you corrections! I would be very grateful if it was completed well!
Please read the requirements and examples carefully! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, thank you!

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