Review of the Professional and Academic Literature Paper Requirements: • 10 com

Review of the Professional and Academic Literature
Paper Requirements:
• 10 complete pages (not counting the reference page)
• APA format (New 7th edition)
• Include headings and subheadings
• Reference page
• 15 scholarly sources published in the last 5 years (2016-2021).
• All scholarly source articles must include doi: hyperlink
Research Topic: The Impact of Leadership Styles on Employee Engagement in Virtual Work Environments: A Qualitative Analysis
The goal of the literature review is to show the connection between the existing body of knowledge and how transformational and/or transactional leadership style influences virtual employee engagement resulting in different levels of ability for an organization to foster employee satisfaction, commitment, and productivity.
• Write a narrative Literature Review
• The literature review should provide a ‘360-degree’ view of the literature related to the problem illustrating all sides of the discussion, not just perspectives
• Include both supporting and contradictory scholarly reference material.
• Write/Include an introductory paragraph of 250 – words that provides an overview or ‘roadmap’ of the main elements of the literature review.
• Write/Include a detailed discussion presenting all viewpoints, not just those that support the research topic.

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