Residential neighbourhoods take up the majority of developed land and we spend l

Residential neighbourhoods take up the majority of developed land and we spend long periods of our lives within them. When thoughtfully designed they can provide a backdrop to an enjoyable life. Badly designed neighbourhoods on the other hand can make even the simplest, everyday activity seem a strain. Moreover, how neighbourhoods are designed can open up, or shut off, opportunities for the people who live in them; for example, opportunities to lead more sustainable and healthy lives.
Your assignment is an individual illustrated essay and should demonstrate the consequence of the Study Area’s residential layout design and the factors that need to be taken into account when designing for the future, or trying to improve places which are already built.
Analysis should be carried out in line with the lecture subjects, on a weekly basis, throughout the course. This analysis will form the basis of your report which critically analyses the Study Area, that is to say it highlights the positive and negative aspects of its design. Simple diagrams, photographs and illustrations should be used to demonstrate your analysis and backup your written text.
Finally, you should come up with a concept for improving the neighbourhood, there will be many ways of improving the existing design but you only need to highlight the one which you feel would be the most influential in bringing positive change. This will be presented in diagrammatic or illustrative form backed up with text explaining your rationale.
The report should be no longer than 2000 words and should be presented as a multi-page document in PDF format.
Please note more information about the study area will be sent through a variety of documents + general information about the essay

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