Instructions For this project, you will need to outline the following details: S

Instructions For this project, you will need to outline the following details: Sampling: A careful description of how the sample was obtained. Be very specific! Include sample sizes, the population of interest, and a description of the sample. Also, include a copy of the survey if you used one. Select a topic with a numeric variable (these are numbers that can be meaningfully used to create summary statistics). You are encouraged to look at sports data, real estate data, and criminal statistic data. Find ACTUAL data (see links below to help you look). Include your formal references in APA format to the data you have decided to use. Ensure that you have a sample size of 20 (MINIMUM) as 30 would be preferred. It can be larger and that’s great, but 20 is the minimum. Descriptive Statistics: Any descriptive statistics relevant to your project should be included. You are required to give the mean, mode, median, and standard deviation of your data set. You may include other calculations if they support your work. At least two graphs (such as box plots, scatter plots, stem-and-leaf, histograms, etc.) should be part of your project. The graphs can be a way to summarize descriptive statistics. Hypothesis: From your data, what do you expect to see/happen? What are you hoping to learn? Working references in APA format.

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