hello, I want a case reflection about a case that I already so and. I want to me

I want a case reflection about a case that I already so and. I want to mention that I learned from it and I gained the skill of history taking and physical examination also I want the reflection to be done to cover the “Gibbs reflective cycle”
here is the case
A 22 years old, K/c G6PD, presented with abdominal pain for 3 weeks(on and off). Associated with vomiting and mixed constipation and diarrhea. No urinary symptoms Physical Exam: lower abdominal pain, no guarding, no rebound Lab Results: celiac screening is negative. Diagnosis: IBS – Irritable bowel syndrome Procedure: Advice , safety netting, Sick Leave Reflection: This patient present with nonspecific symptoms of abdominal pain. Once we took the history and do the physical it was hard to make a diagnosis. But then the doctor asked her about their mood, and she said that she is stressed due to her exams. Also, she mentioned that there is a certain food that increases her abdominal pain. At that moment I realized the importance of mental health and how it can affect the patient situation. As a next step, I am planning to ask the patient about their mood and interest to rule out other symptoms that can interfere with their disease.
**I want to emphasize that I gain the knowledge and the skills of treating a patient and not ignoring their psychosocial aspect.

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