Essay This will investigate the position the design of your alloted house has in

This will investigate the position the design of your alloted house has in relation to its own time and place, the architect’s wider body of work, and continued influence on evolving contemporary architectural trends.
In the first part of the essay you should describe the house, then analyse it in terms of its style, layout, form of construction, and palette of materials. How did the lifestyle, technology and culture of its time and location affect its design?
In the second part of the essay you should identify, describe and discuss some other key works of the architect in question, and relate the design of the house to her or his wider oeuvre. Are there any themes, for instance, which recur in other building types attempted by the architect in terms of plan type, section, materials, detailing and so on? How does the design of this house relate to current trends in architecture, particularly in relation to energy use – specifically what design features would need enhancement, or even fundamental reconsideration, to meet the contemporary imperative for low carbon design?
Conclude your essay with an effective summary of your preceding points and attempt to identify the enduring, timeless, qualities of the work that merit ongoing consideration.
Be critical as well as descriptive – expressive opinions, if well-informed, are enthusiastically encouraged!
Illustrate your essay with photographs and your own drawings (including plans, sections and elevations from AR323 Folio module along with views, diagrams as appropriate). Include your own bibliography. Ensure you give the sources of any illustration, idea, or text which you cite, and observe the normal academic conventions of referencing. Word process the text (minimum 11 pt with 1 1⁄2 line spacing) and produce a cover with the essay title, module code and name, in addition to your name in A4 portrait format and submit as a PDF document of under 10MB.

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