-Before you write the essay, you will have to study the chapters “DNA Technologi

-Before you write the essay, you will have to study the chapters “DNA Technologies” and “Genomes and Proteomes” in the eText (Chapters 15 and 16). Once you have a general understanding of these technologies, your task is to focus on one of them that interests you. Alternatively and/or in addition, you may find external sources of literature in the library on other topics, but they should at least relate to one of the issues of modern genetic technologies.
Throughout the essay, you will need to demonstrate your understanding of the relevant terms and content covered in Chapters 15 and 16.
Essays are the most personal form of science writing, and essay writing style is fundamentally different from how you would write a lab report. Unlike a lab report that mimics scholarly (and admittedly dry) scientific writing, an essay should be a piece of argumentative writing that conveys a viewpoint. If essay writing is completely new to you or if your writing skills need more development, you are strongly encouraged to consult the Write Site.
Essays are centered on a thesis statement. This statement is the core of your essay, and you need to take great care to develop a strong thesis statement.
The whole purpose of your essay is to defend and to back your thesis statement. Use and cite a minimum of three resources, apart from the textbook.
-Here are some sample thesis statements.
1) Genetic engineering will revolutionize modern medicine because all genetic diseases can be cured through somatic gene therapy.
2) Genetically modified food will eradicate hunger and famines because transgenic crops will result in a major increase in world food production.
3) Genetic engineering is inherently dangerous because of concerns for human health, threats to native ecosystems and the development of global monopolies in the pharmaceutical and the crop industry.
-Provide a minimum of three external references in support of the thesis statement; also include the textbook as a reference. Use CSE style for the citations in the text and for the references in this section. Remember that science writing paraphrases without using direct quotes.

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