Assignment Task •You are asked to compare and contrast through analysis, evaluat

Assignment Task
•You are asked to compare and contrast through analysis, evaluation and critical discussion, the key economic factors that have influenced two domestic aviation markets from the Asia-Pacific region during the period 2006 to 2020 inclusive.
•You can choose your two markets from either Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam or the Philippines referring to relevant economic theory and principles where applicable.
•Your work should cover the following areas:
•• Introduction: The nature of the markets and an understanding of the key issues to be addressed.
•• Type of market structure including change in market concentration (HHI index), mergers and acquisitions and contestable markets.
•• Pricing: Revenue management including types of pricing behaviour (price wars/predatory pricing/subversion of competition).the role of revenue management.
•• Costs: Changing structure of costs including areas such as outsourcing, labour economics and practices.
•• Macro-economic environment: Recessions, external shocks and causes (i.e. Financial crash of 2008/9). Key differences between markets and industry response and consequences.
•• Conclusion: Evidence of analysis of data together with the critical evaluation of results to determine if there are any differences in the two chosen markets together with the key changes that have occurred and their consequences.

•(You are encouraged to use the graphical presentation of data where applicable).
•You should produce a concise report that should not exceed 2,500 words.

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