1.The strategy you would use for communicating with inmates? The strategies that

1.The strategy you would use for communicating with inmates? The strategies that I would use are listening and speaking, I would listen to know what is going on with this inmate and speak so that I can help them with whatever problem they are having. Effective communication skills are important in corrections training, knowing how to communicate with inmates can reduce the number of fights with other inmates and staff. How will you maintain this strategy? The way I would maintain this strategy is to always be the same with every inmate, what I use to do when I worked with juveniles is I would always show interest in them by asking how their day is going, just to build a rapport with them so they know they can always come to me if there is a problem. Why is this strategy important? This is important because it can help solve problems quicker by inmates letting you know what is going on with other inmates. Do communication methods differ from communicating with other staff members? When communicating with the staff you always want to make sure you are in an area where no inmates can hear what you are saying and if that is not possible then I would wait until we are off work or when we have a break, if an inmate sees you not showing respect to a fellow officer then they might want to do the same. Why? Staff is to be treated with respect, and this is from inmates and coworkers. Being a correctional officer is stressful and by you showing them the proper treatment then will help make the day go without incident. 2.Identify a strategy you would use for communicating with inmates and offenders. How will you maintain this strategy? Why is this strategy important? There are very many strategies that can help with communications with offenders and inmates. One would be speaking skills. Understanding how to speak with each inmate and offender the correct way can help both you and them. Listening skills are also very important when dealing with offenders and inmates. This strategy can make these inmates and offenders feel listened to and important when they feel as if they need it the most. This is very important because all inmates and offenders nee d to be heard, but also need to know their boundaries. How would your communication methods differ between communicating with other staff members and communicating with inmates and offenders? Why? When it comes to to communicating with offenders an inmates, to communicating with other staff members does differ some. There still needs to be open communication skills and active speaking/listening skills when communicating with other staff members. One specific method is to be very professional but also making sure that your point and their points are heard and taken into consideration. Learning to be stern with the inmates can sometimes lead to being demandant to other staff members, so it is important to know the difference between those locked up and your fellow staff members

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